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A company's outreach efforts tend to reflect the values and preferences of it's owner.     

Bart has always strived to embrace the biblical principle that states "to whom much is given, much is expected."

* His associations over the years, have included The Big Brothers Association of America, Special Olympics, YMCA/Camp Letts, and the Humane Society of America.

* Currently, our company sponsors 2 local youth to play intermural sports, provides Thanksgiving and Christmas meals for 2 families, and makes the meal and gift giving portion of Christmas possible for 1 local family.

* We also perform many free services (such as mowing and snow removal) for those hampered by medical issues, or otherwise not able to maintain their individual properties that reside at HOA Communities under contract with our company, and in 2011, we began offering each of our Community Boards $300.00 to assist a residing family with the giftgiving part of Christmas.

* Recently, we've become a partner with the Milton Hershey School (where Bart was raised after his father was killed by a drunk driver), offering assistance to Alumni in need.

* This past fall, Bart attended a 5K run fundraiser at the Sandy Spring Friends School in
Olney, MD, that was hosted by the "Children's National Medical Center," and inspired by a little girl named Lexi (the daughter of a Mont. Co. Police Officer).
Lexi was diagnosed with
Stage 3 Hepatoblastoma (subtype of liver cancer), and circum to her illness in the spring of 2010.

During this event Bart made a modest donation (and filled up on baked goods:).

After meeting with organization leaders, he decided to pledge 1% of our yearly earnings to this organization.

We're always open to requests and suggestions made by our clients that allow us to give back to those that employ us, as well as those less fortunate.

See page titled "Twin Ridge Cleanup Day."

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